The Best Songs Of 2011: #2 – Howler ‘ THIS ONE’S DIFFERENT’ E.P*

Yeah you fucking read that right. An E.P at #2 because I just couldn’t pick one song from this brilliant E.P so it’s  EVERY SONG. I make no bones about how much I love U.S band Howler. I bought their debut E.P on Rough Trade – ‘This One’s Different’ – in the summer and I’ve played it to fucking death. It’s not re-inventing the wheel and it’s not incredibly original or different (hence the tongue in cheek E.P title). No, what it is is FANTASTIC, SIMPLE FUCKING POP SONGS played by guys either still in or barely out of their teens. For me the two highlights of the E.P are the fantastically titled ‘You Like White Women, I like Cigarettes’ (sadly being re-titled for their debut album in the new year) and the closing song ’14 Days’, but to be honest, I could put all of their songs in the top ten, because they’re all some of the best tunes I’ve heard this year that I’ve had on near constant repeat. So fuck it, I’ll put ALL FIVE SONGS FROM THEIR E.P AT #2 cos I can do what the fuck I want. You will not have seen Howlers name in any ‘Tips for 2012’ or the ‘bbc hot list’, because frankly most folk have their heads up their arses, and that bbc thing is just made up of bands signed to Majors anyway. Howler are going to go big next year, and most will wonder where the fuck they came from or why they didn’t tip them. Up until a few days ago, the band had the no.1 spot in my list sewn up. If this were a ‘band of the year’ they’d be top for me, but its ‘songs of the year’, and unfortunetly a big fucking beast of a song came along last week that was just too good and headfuckingly mental for me not to have as #1. Anyway congrats Howler!


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