20 of 2011: 20-11

My top 20 songs of the year won’t be to everyones liking. They’re not all beard-stroking numbers. 2011 saw me fall in love with indie pop all over again and big massive catchy tunes. Folk music was out (thanks Mumford & Sons and your sea of immitators) and songs that I could get drunk to and try and attempt to dance were in. I certain new band from America (you’ll find them in my 10-1 list) completely stole my heart and a few Scottish bands made me go “Gadzooks!!”.

11. Friends – im his girl bassline of the year. No contest.

12. Arctic Monkeys – Don’t sit down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair I’ve not really enjoyed their music for a good few years now, but was immediately hooked to this song’s Josh Homme heaviness and piss taking lyrics. It’s big, dumb and stoopid.

13. Allo darling – lets go swimming Twee as fuck, and thanks to repeated plays by Josie Long, it became one of my most listened to songs.

14. Cold Specks – Holland 

15. Cashier No9 – Lost At Sea

16. King Post Kitsch – You Talk Too Much with the spirit of stiff little fingers hanging over the chords this catchy little number’s all the better for it. SHOULD’VE BEEN A SINGLE!

17) Spook School – Hallam ukele, seagulls, haunting melody. A cracking wee song inspired by ‘Hallam Foe’ by these Edinburgh newcomers

18. Summer Camp – better off without you 2011 saw a bombardment of cutesy boy/girl duos mainly from London, this one made up of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Walmsley, were one of the better ones. This – the opening song on their latest album ‘Welcome To Condale’, regardless of what anyone else tells you, is the best most ridiculously 80’s pop thing on it.

19. The Strokes – under cover of darkness the one good thing about a shit new album, that could easily stand up next to anything on ‘Is This It’.

20. Los Campesinos! – hello sadness: with one of their earliest and my favourite songs (you!me!dancing!) finding its self  soundtracking a fucking budweiser advert off all things, Gareth Campesino! & Co had plenty to be sad about; this, thankfully, wasn’t one of them


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