has the digital age erased the good old ‘box under the bed’?

I was watching a film the other night, and one of the characters pulled a box out from under his bed and began rifling through the contents – old photographs, letters, gig ticket stubs, memories close to him. It got me thinking – in this digital age is the ‘box under the bed’ lost forever?

Much like myself being part of the last generation who can remember life before the internet, is this true of the box? I can’t imagine many teenagers these days having something as quaint and boring as a shoebox full of shit lying around that they could just delve into or hide from their parents at any moment.

I had a box. I think it may be in my parents loft now. Looking through it would stir up a mixture of embarrassment and dew eyed nostalgia in me. I remember having love letters in mine from two girls (yeah check me) that I had ‘holiday romance’s’ with. One was a girl called Natalie from Northampton who I met in Malta and another was Louise who I met on a camping holiday to Alton Towers. Both completely out of my league,  and whom carried on writing to me long after I’d stupidly and selfishly stopped. I believe there were probably photographs of my love interests in there too, innocent ones mind, back in the day when teenagers didn’t send each other pictures of their body parts. I don’t think there was much else in the box If I’m honest. Maybe lyrics to terrible songs I’d written, and perhaps a pen knife, that should someone break into the house I could DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH.

I hope my kids have boxes under their beds when they’re teenagers, much in the same way I hope they collect Vinyl. Don’t get me wrong, I love many aspects of the internet and all things digital, but sometimes I feel certain little precious things seem to get eradicated along the way.

So if you have a box of memories, celebrate it. It could be the last of its kind.


One thought on “has the digital age erased the good old ‘box under the bed’?

  1. Camille Mateos says:

    I have a box!! The other day, Mario opened it and he saw all my old concert tickets from when I was 17… he almost dumped me.
    Still, I think people should still keep a “box” or “folder” that they can open every couple of years and be like “what the hell was I thinking?!”

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