Beards & Truths #7: Little Beard
















Having a blog called Beard Of Truth instantly attracted me to an American band called Little Beard. I saw the name online and instantly thought ‘Please don’t be rubbish’. After downloading their song ‘Me Too’ I am pleased to say, rubbish they ain’t. Said song is a glorious slice of Indie pop with a very 80’s guitar band feel to it. Kind of like The Cure were they fronted by a woman. Sort of. So I sought Little Beard out for some obligatory daft questions….

Who are Little Beard?

Little beard is Sarah Attias, Michael Lee, Edwin Beauchamp and Mario Fabrega
Where is home?
Miami FL.
How did you form?
Um, if i’m not mistaken, Ed and Mike met first they just wanted to start a band together and ended up just working with sarah and a rotation of drummers, I joined about a year and a half ago on a phone call from michael. As soon as we came together we knew this was finally working like a machine.
Where did you get the name?
Michael can’t grow a big beard, he grows a little beard.
How many beards are in the band?
just me right now. sometimes 2.
What are your influences?
I know michael is 90’s child, and all that old shoe gaze. Him and ed are really similar, and that’s probably why they’re best friends. Sarah is a real jazz nut, as am i, but her more so than me. I would be the outlier i guess, always been a punk kid, hardcore bands and the like, anything with some kind of integrity in it really.
If Little Beard were a superhero, who would it be?
The Atom
What’s your been your favourite show to date?
probably the grand central one, lots of energy and we got to play some new songs.
Is there an album in the pipeline?
we’re on it.
If you had to be the lead character in any film, who would it be?
Royal Tenenbaum
Which song do you wish you’d written?
none really
Who’s idea was it to cover Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’?
It was a request for a nirvana comp they did here, but we never recorded it so we decided to at least play it live once.
Name a really shit film
Samurai Cop.


So there you have it. You can download the brilliant ‘Me Too’ from the bands band camp for Free!! Go do it now:


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