Beards & Truths # 5: This Many Boyfriends


This Many Boyfriends are a really fun fucking Indie Pop band from Leeds. I stumbled upon them via 6 Music, when their single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ tweaked my ears. Catchy as sin and with a terrace chant chorus of  “Oh Oh Oh’s”  I had to investigate further. I discovered my friend David and his band would soon be playing with them in Leeds in November, and instantly began thinking of ways to get my arse down their, even offering to drive them down and be roadie for the night in return for a free ticket. The funny thing about This Many Boyfriends is, I’d seen their name before but never checked them out, so when I heard them for the first time, I felt a bit stooopid. The band seem to get compared to The Cribs a lot, and although I can hear that in their catchiness and way with a melody, there’s a different attitude going on here, it’s not anywhere near as angry as The Cribs can be, I find This Many Boyfriends a more joyous affair. I tracked the band down and had a chat with drummer Laura:

Who are This Many Boyfriends?

This Many Boyfriends are a pop band comprising of some mates called Daniel, Laura, Pete, Richard and Tom.Where is home?

The North, spanning the Pennines from Leeds to Halifax to Manchester.What are you listening to?OK we had to split for this one! So…

Daniel: Warm Brains
Laura: McLusky

Pete: Motown, Destroyer and the first Beach House record
Richard: Lots of Northern Soul compilations
Tom: Showtunes. Just showtunes.

Describe the bands sound in 140 characters or lessWell we’re going to steal this one from Steve Lamacq, not to name drop or anything!

‘Like 5 people high on several bowls of sugary cereal, bouncing down a staircase on a number of bright orange spacehoppers’

You named yourselves after the Beat Happening song ‘The This Many Boyfriends Club’ from the 1988 album Jamboree.
If you’d discovered another band had called themselves This Many Boyfriends before you, aside from knockin their blocks off, what other Beat Happening song would you have picked as your moniker?

Pyjama Party In A Haunted Hive or Teenage Caveman. They have the BEST, and most ridiculous, titles!The band have been together for several years and have gone through a few line up changes along the way.
Who are the groups longest serving members and are they competing for the carriage clock when you retire

The longest standing are Tom and Richard. Another 3 months and Tom gets a certificate!How many beards are in the band?

1 but rises to 1.7 when Daniel and Pete haven’t shaved for a couple days.Who pens the tunes?

Whoever has the pen.There seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of Indie Pop bands up and down the country, with you guys, Standard Fare, Allo Darlin and The Lovely Eggs leading the charge down south, and the likes of Kid Canaveral, Cancel The Astronauts and Edinburgh legends Ballboy doing likewise north of the border. Why do you think this is?

Cos indiepop is really good and all those bands are amazing! Also people want a fuzzy pop distraction from all the shite news at the moment and I think indiekids want a change from posing and scenes. Indiepop is honest and authentic and people can really relate to it.You do your own gig posters (and I’m assuming sleeves), which, being an avid collector of great gig posters I must say are pretty brilliant. Who’s the art culprit?

Laura. Will draw for food.
What is the single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!” all about?

It’s about long distance relationships, train stations and recapturing youth.The video for ‘young lovers…’ features a cartoon football. If each band member was a football
who would they most liked to be kicked by? (footballer or non-footballer)

Daniel: Passed with power by Juan Sebastian Veron to Cristiano Ronaldo. He gets good dip.
Laura: Steve McManaman
Pete: Nope
Richard: Nigel De Jong. That would HURT.
Tom: Jarvis Cocker. He’d be well classy and have nice shoes
You’re playing with my mates Kid Canaveral soon in Leeds. Any chance of coming and playing Edinburgh?
Beard Of Truth would put it on in a heart beat!

Go on then. As long as you get the first round in.If you could all be in a another band (any band dead or alive) for one gig, which would it be?

Daniel: Animal Collective. That would be fun!
Laura: The Slits
Pete: Elvis’ band. No reason.
Richard: Wild Beasts or when Talking Heads had a HUGE band for Stop Making Sense.
Tom: Joy Division or JLS so I can bust a move with Aston.The Cribs’ name always seems to pop up in descriptions of the band, they’re obviously an inspiration but are there any other Yorkshire bands that are or were particularly inspiring when you first formed?

Loads but in our mind right now are The Seven Inches, Gang Of Four, Pulp, The Wedding Present and 10,000 Things. Yorkshire is ace.You’re signed to Angular Records who’s stock was held in the PIAS building that tragically burned down in the recent riots. Is it true the vinyl pressings of ‘Young Lovers..’ missed being incinerated due to someone forgetting to order a sticker for the sleeve?

Yes that’s true. We are SO lucky.As a band, would you rather have bionic arms or bionic legs?

Richard: Legs, then I could finally run fast and be rid of my short stumpy legs
Tom: Legs, then I could hover about the crowd playing bass!
Daniel: Penis

If you could pick one person to produce your album who would it be and why?
Can we have a mixture of our current producer Alan Smyth, Quincy Jones and Edwyn Collins? That would be AWESOME!

Ok, What shows have you got coming up?

Well we’re going on tour for a bit with Art Brut in October! Playing with them in Liverpool (5th), Sheffield (6th), Manchester (7th), Leeds (13th) and London (November 4th). That is the best thing ever! We’re also supporting Jeff Lewis in Manchester at The Ruby Lounge on October 25th, a home show at the Duck and Drake in Leeds the day after and playing with your mates Kid Canaveral and our mates Standard Fare and The Birthday Kiss in Leeds on November 12th. Busy busy busy!Where can we buy ‘young lovers..’?

Well in your neck of the woods you can pick it up at Avalanche. It is also in all good indie record shops around the UK too. Online you can get it digitally on itunes and such and physically on shiny vinyl and from our label Angular on their website here: finally, name a really, really shite film.

Michael ‘The Death of Narrative Cinema’ Bay’s Transformers ‘films’. All of them. They’re utter shite.
So there you go. Go and buy their single this instance and go see em live now!
Thanks to Laura and the band for answering my questions. Until next Friday!

One thought on “Beards & Truths # 5: This Many Boyfriends

  1. Dick Tapsall says:

    Young overs Go Pop is REALLY good! So sad to hear about Pete. RIP.

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