Beards & Truths #1: PET

A couple of years ago I foolishly and perhaps naively got really fucking irate with the NME and their complete lack of shining a spotlight on the blossoming Edinburgh music scene, that I wrote a succession of ranting letters to them that ended up in print.
They did fack all about my bemoanings of course and I eventually gave up the ghost. Then last month in Tesco as I was flicking through NME’s  ’25 New Bands You Must Hear’ issue I got a monumental fucking surprise; In at #7 was an Edinburgh band with a great wee woozy tune called ‘What You Building?’ Said group were PET; who I’ve since been playing to anyone who has ears. What do they sound like? Well, lo-fi, with reverb drenched vocals, simple melodies and a mix of The Beach Boys and the The Beta Band with a bit of wonk for good measure.
Luckily enough, the bands singer Pete Boggan was more than happy to answer some of Beard Of Truth’s questions…..
Who are you PET?
“Oo madam.  Whoever you want me to be duck.  We’re a band of boys & girl making pop for the ‘developed world’.”
What you building?
“I’m building an ad campaign.”
How long have you been building it?
“PET have been building for around a year.”
What you listening to?
“Just recently checking out Metronomy and liking.  Re-introduced myself to Breeders offshoot The Amps too – filthy.”
Describe the band’s sound in 140 character’s or less
“PET are harmonius, playful, simple.”
How many beards are in PET?
“2 at present – Pete and Casey, though Dylan only recently committed tashicide.”
The band recently made it into NME’S top ten of the ’25 new bands you must hear.’ Considering the magazines complete ignorance of any music scene even existing in Edinburgh over the last few years, did the sudden exposure come as a surprise?
It did.  As soon as PET’s sounds were heard outside of Scotland things started rolling.”
Is there one sole songwriter in the band?
“Tis I (PB)”
A quick look on Wikipedia about ‘Pet’ comes up with the following: “A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person’s enjoyment, The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song.” With this in mind, in relation to the band, put those traits in order.
“It’s got to be; their song (what you building?), playful characteristics, person’s enjoyment, companionship, attractive appearance.”
Wikipedia also goes on to say “Tripping over pets, especially dogs, causes more than 86,000 falls serious enough to prompt a trip to the emergency room each year in America.” Has your music caused anyone to have a serious fall yet, in either band or audience?
“I actually wrote What You Building? while recouperating from a serious fall from my bicycle.  I broke my collar bone and my finger so I couldn’t play guitar for a month.  I spent time working on little half ideas I’d written and recorded and out popped WYB.”
Drummer Casey once played drums for Edinburgh art school legends The Magnificents, do the rest of you play in other bands and if so which ones?
“Matt does his Zed Penguin thing,  Alexa has Thumbsucker under wraps right now, Casey has been known to experiment with Push Luv Push and Dylan is a closet classical arranger (on guitar).”
If another band called PET who had been going longer slapped a court order on you to change your name, would you simply add something to the start of it like Aufweidersen, change it completely or just make sure the other PET died in a bizzare gardening accident? 
“We’d have to call in PEsT control.”
Are there plans in the pipeline to release an E.P or album, and if so will it be self released or is there a label out there that would be the perfect home for PET? 
“We’ll be sticking to a new single every 3 or so months as a rule, not giving too much away at once, but a live EP and a remixes package may happen too.”
Can you tell us about any forthcoming shows? 
“Limbo @ Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms is sheduled for 5th November, though London, Leeds, Stoke gigs are planned but dates still TBC.”
Finally a truth. Name a really really really shite film.
” ‘Before Sunrise’ fucked me right off”
PET – Magnetic
Go and download the excellent ‘What You Building?’ and ‘Magnetic'(which you can hear above)  from PET’S band camp page either for free or a name your price option (DO THE LATTER THOUGH PLEASE).

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