Band: This Many Boyfriends







This Many Boyfriends are an indie pop band from the North (Leeds). Their single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ is a friggin’ tune n’ a bit. Lodges itself in your brain. I’ve played it to death. I always hated The Libertines, but to me ‘Young Lovers..’ sounds like  what I think The Libertines should’ve sounded like. The band have thus to say about their beginnings:

“We bonded over a shared love of playing pop music far too loud in rooms far too small. We have been through more lineup changes than The Fall before settling on the current one. Some people have very nicely compared us to Orange Juice, The Cribs, Hefner and The Smiths. We are also influenced by the likes of PJ Harvey, The Slits, Spearmint, Jonathan Richman, Otis Redding and Joy Division.”

The 5 piece have shared stages with Darren Hayman, Allo Darlin’ and The Wave Pictures amongst countless others, and recently signed to legendary Angular Records, as well as getting a full page feature in NME recently, so they’re really on an upward trajectory just now. Go have a wander around their website, go check them out on Spotify then go BUY THEIR MUSIC. (they also have awesome home made t-shirts)


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